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The IonCleanse® 5-And-1 Warranty – Quality Support Insurance You Will Likely Never Need

AMD’s IonCleanse® Premier® system with its multiple programs is the unit of choice for most practitioners. Our professional model comes with a warranty that is unmatched in the industry for several important reasons. First, it covers the workmanship and quality on units that are manufactured with care, using the highest quality materials available on the market. Second, if a machine should fail, the warranty covers overnight service with a replacement for use until repairs are completed on the purchased unit (this is for US customers only). Third, our machines have a history of performing well long past the warranty period.

In March of 2012 we looked at the repair history of our Premier® foot detox machine unit over the previous 10 years and, based upon its stellar performance, we created our 5-and-1 Warranty. We offer 5 years of complete protection from manufacturer’s defect and 1 year of overnight service. If your unit needs to be repaired due to a manufacturer’s defect, AMD will overnight a temporary unit at our expense to be used until yours is fixed. No other company offers our overnight service. This service, along with the rest of AMD customer support, has earned an A+ rating from the BBB.

We can offer this unique warranty because IonCleanse® machine failure rate is minimal. Our units are not only manufactured with care from the highest quality parts, but also put through rigorous quality control checks before they leave the factory. Our high standards of parts and workmanship are matched by the quality of service we provide, which includes clinical and technical support once a unit is purchased.

While our 5-and-1 Warranty is an insurance policy you will most likely never need to use, at the same time it gives you security. Some of our practitioners schedule as many as 8 to 10 sessions daily. Downtime from a failed unit not only costs money, but it also disrupts service to your clients. Using an IonCleanse® footbath gives you the confidence that will reassure your clients they can depend on you in their quest for good health.

When you consider the value of a warranty, you would be well-advised to consider whether or not the company making the commitment will be around long enough to honor it. AMD has been in business since 2002; we are the longest-lived ionic foot bath manufacturer and in 5 years we will still be around to honor our warranty. Even beyond the warranty time period you benefit from owning an IonCleanse® machine. Over the past 10 years, most unit repair costs have been very inexpensive and we have never had a repair requiring a machine to be rebuilt. Some of our older units have logged many thousands of hours, which is not only testimony to their durability, but to the success our practitioners have with them. When customers ask , “how long will IonCleanse® units last?” Glenn Wilhelm, our sales manager, responds, “I don’t know, because machines we have sold over 10 years ago are still working great today.”

Our Solo® unit, mostly bought for home use, is used by some practitioners. The quality and workmanship of the unit is held to the same standards of the Premier®. This unit comes with a 3-year warranty and overnight repair service can be purchased separately (most home users can comfortably go a week without a unit and do not need the overnight option).

Visit our product information page for the Premier® unit, or take a test-drive to experience its unique features with our online demo. For further information about owning a system contact sales at 303-755-0112 option 2.

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