Monsanto’s Glyphosate (Roundup) On Trial

Barbara Moroney November 8, 2018

A recent Monsanto trial in California is important for those of us who want to do our best to stay healthy. The plaintiff in the trial was Dewayne Joh...

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Refer-a-Friend Donation Matching Program (beta)

Neill Moroney April 25, 2018

AMD supports a variety of charities throughout the year. To see if our customers might like to add their contributions to these organizations, we have...

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Detox foot bath safety: external vs internal power supplies

Neill Moroney March 28, 2018

AMD takes pride in providing customers with the safest detox foot bath on the market. Electricity and water can be a very dangerous combination. AMD&#...

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Feature your business on AMD’s social media channels

Neill Moroney January 15, 2018

Social media is a powerful marketing tool and AMD has thousands of loyal followers on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. We would like to use o...

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Neill Moroney December 12, 2017

AMD’s “refer-a-friend” referral program rewards our current customers for sharing their stories with friends and colleagues. Every t...

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How to List on AMD’s Practitioner Locator

Barbara Moroney December 6, 2017

Here is the step-by-step, illustrated procedure for creating your entry on our website’s practitioner locator. Note: this service is reserved fo...

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Supplementation and the IonCleanse® by AMD

Neill Moroney February 16, 2016

We at AMD are regularly asked two questions: 1) is supplementation essential with IonCleanse® therapy and 2) does the therapy itself pull out needed...

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Thirteen Years of Quality and Still Going Strong

Barbara Moroney January 24, 2016

Recently one of our customers sent us a picture of the three IonCleanse® by AMD ion footbaths she has used in her practice regularly since she purcha...

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What’s in My Tap Water?

Neill Moroney January 15, 2016

I recently had my home filter and RO (Reverse Osmosis) systems serviced (shame on me, I have not had these systems serviced in about 2 years). I have...

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A Surprising Activity of Sleep: Detoxifying the Brain

Barbara Moroney January 28, 2015

Detoxification has been added to the list of many activities carried out by the brain during sleep. Researchers in a recent study funded by the Nation...

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